Interstellar Rain

Growing up, I loved thunderstorms. I’d sit with my window open, face pressed against the screen, watching and listening as lightning lit the sky and thunder pealed. The harder it rained, the better. If the gutters became rivers and the streets were ankle deep with water, I’d imagine that it was never going to end–that […]

Better Late Than Never: Don’t Breathe

Spoilers abound: Don’t Breathe has an interesting premise: replace the feature creature of a horror flick with a blind war vet, make audiences wonder if he’s the villain or an innocent, disabled victim just trying to protect his home, and then immediately break that illusion, reducing the remaining two-thirds of the movie into a gory […]

Seeds of War

Possibly one of the most heinous things humanity has ever invented is war. We’re not the first, but we are the best at it. There are certain animals that have a shown a propensity for similar aggressive acts–a pantomime of our conflicts. The Gombe Chimpanzee War is evidence of this–a battle between two bands of […]

Better Late Than Never: Assassin’s Creed

While watching Assassin’s Creed, I couldn’t help but have a scene from another film playing in my head, over and over. See if you can pick up the significance: Assassin’s Creed was touted as our “chosen one”, to finally break the long streak of horrible video game-to-movie adaptations. Except we were given Anakin, who, by […]

The Rather Abnormal X-Men

We know the X-Men through their iterations on the comic page, television screen, and more often of late, the silver screen. They’ve come and gone in eras, along with variations of their allegiances and costumes. Who can forget Storm’s fantastic punk style and mohawk in the 80’s, or Jubilee’s 90’s inspired, mall-accessorized outfit? Even Beast […]

Power Rangers Review

“Who ya gonna call?” “Turtle Power!” and “Go Go Power Rangers!” Three catch phrases from three of the biggest influences of my childhood – and now, with the release of the re-imagining of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers finally in theaters, the circle is complete and I can at last take off my nostalgia goggles…Unless, of course, […]

Can They Live Someplace Else?

If I had a top 10 movie list that could remain static for a few moments, I’d probably place John Carpenter’s alien invasion film They Live somewhere high up on it. They Live walks a fine line between strangely serious and hilariously campy. Take the line of dialogue where Roddy Piper is in a bank with a […]