Rooting for Rosie

My earliest exposure to a robot wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t come across R.O.B., Nintendo’s companion to the NES, nor can I recall seeing the ever-sassy C3PO or his squat pal, R2D2, though both would have been in commercials for Return of the Jedi when I was young. Seeing a visual effects TV special for Chucky had made […]

Rapture Without All That Pesky Philosophy

Because popular culture has brought this topic to the forefront, I’ve occasionally found myself pondering a clichéd thought experiment—even comparing notes with others during downtime. It goes something like this: If there was a zombie outbreak (or input an earth-encompassing disaster of your choosing) at this very moment, what would you do? Two obvious answers […]

A Matter of Shelf Life

It’s always a tricky business. You’re scrounging in the fridge for something to eat. Maybe it’s that dreaded end of week span where everything of value has been used in dishes already—even the freezer is but a cold, desolate cavern. You could gather together what’s left, throw it into a pot with some soup stock […]