Interstellar Rain

Growing up, I loved thunderstorms. I’d sit with my window open, face pressed against the screen, watching and listening as lightning lit the sky and thunder pealed. The harder it rained, the better. If the gutters became rivers and the streets were ankle deep with water, I’d imagine that it was never going to end–that […]

Seeds of War

Possibly one of the most heinous things humanity has ever invented is war. We’re not the first, but we are the best at it. There are certain animals that have a shown a propensity for similar aggressive acts–a pantomime of our conflicts. The Gombe Chimpanzee War is evidence of this–a battle between two bands of […]

Have the Arts Been Surpassed by Social Media?

Kurt Vonnegut was a pretty out-there guy in many respects. Read any of his classic books, like Slaughterhouse-Five—where Billy Pilgrim, survivor of the infamous Dresden firebombing becomes unstuck in time—and you’ll see that his brain worked in a special way. He wasn’t a writer of intense flourishes or fancy language. He even liked to give […]