Weird History: Foo Fighters

When you hear the name Foo Fighters, the first thing that probably pops into your head is bearded front man (and would-be shampoo hair model) Dave Grohl, veteran of Nirvana. In 1994, post-Cobain, Grohl went on to recruit two members of Sunny Day Real Estate and a touring guitarist from Nirvana in order to form the foo. I’ve never […]

The Flatnet

The internet has always been, sadly, two-dimensional. Your access to this space is through a specific code word (internet address), or a net that’s trawling the depths of a three-dimensional ocean. All that you’ll ever find once that net has been dragged back onto your boat’s deck (screen) is what snagged on the mesh. You […]

The Cereal Graveyard

I’m not much of a cereal guy now, but when I was a kid I could easily knock back two or three bowls on a Saturday morning while watching cartoons. If we ran out of milk, I’d substitute juice, pop, or even water—none of which I’d recommend, but my palate has never been terribly refined. […]