The Rather Abnormal X-Men

We know the X-Men through their iterations on the comic page, television screen, and more often of late, the silver screen. They’ve come and gone in eras, along with variations of their allegiances and costumes. Who can forget Storm’s fantastic punk style and mohawk in the 80’s, or Jubilee’s 90’s inspired, mall-accessorized outfit? Even Beast […]

The Embarrassing Man-Spider

How a super-powered comic book character received their abilities is important, and can often date them. We don’t have many modern reference points for comparison because the vast majority of our pantheon was formed from the pre-Second World War era to the end of the Cold War. The oldest among them might be The Shadow, […]

Super Motivation

Lately I’ve found myself stewing on the difference between good and evil in our comic book and cinematic superhero universes, and how this difference often comes across as forced. Without question we accept it as kids. In our upbringing we’re taught that family is good, but strangers are bad. God is good, but the devil […]