The 75% Wall

I have a real problem when it comes to video games. Not just because I can’t stop myself from buying them, which I can’t. I’ll inevitably fall in love with a good game, play it to death over a very short span of time—interrupting all other important things going on in my life—and then run […]

Weird History: Foo Fighters

When you hear the name Foo Fighters, the first thing that probably pops into your head is bearded front man (and would-be shampoo hair model) Dave Grohl, veteran of Nirvana. In 1994, post-Cobain, Grohl went on to recruit two members of Sunny Day Real Estate and a touring guitarist from Nirvana in order to form the foo. I’ve never […]

The Flatnet

The internet has always been, sadly, two-dimensional. Your access to this space is through a specific code word (internet address), or a net that’s trawling the depths of a three-dimensional ocean. All that you’ll ever find once that net has been dragged back onto your boat’s deck (screen) is what snagged on the mesh. You […]

The Cereal Graveyard

I’m not much of a cereal guy now, but when I was a kid I could easily knock back two or three bowls on a Saturday morning while watching cartoons. If we ran out of milk, I’d substitute juice, pop, or even water—none of which I’d recommend, but my palate has never been terribly refined. […]

So You’re an Agent

Every now and then a movie will give us a fantastic plot device, like the human-hopping agents of The Matrix, and inadvertently expose a larger problem that never gets addressed. In this case, the audience doesn’t really need an answer—at least not for the sake of the story. But if you were the unfortunate host […]

Rooting for Rosie

My earliest exposure to a robot wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t come across R.O.B., Nintendo’s companion to the NES, nor can I recall seeing the ever-sassy C3PO or his squat pal, R2D2, though both would have been in commercials for Return of the Jedi when I was young. Seeing a visual effects TV special for Chucky had made […]

Review: Ghost in the Shell

Sometimes the highest compliment you can pay a movie that’s based off of legendary source material is to say that it makes a great trailer for the original work. That was my sentiment after watching Zack Snyder’s version of The Watchmen, which made me go back and read the graphic novel again. The same sense […]